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I have been thinking a lot about all those moms who are about to have babies right now. How are they feeling? Are they scared? They are probably afraid to go into a hospital, doctors office or even have someone in the house for a home birth. What about family not being to visit to share or help out during this amazing time. I remember how stressful and difficulty those first few months were for me. I can't imagine having to go though all this alone especially during a global pandemic.

People have had to cancel or postpone their newborn sessions. I don't blame you. It's a scary time. 💞I want to offer my support 💞 ⁠ 📷 Here are a few tips on how to take some great photos with your phone while at home or in the hospital since you won't be able to have a professional photographer there at this time. ⁠ ⁠ ⭐Set up your own photoshoot during the daylight hours. 👆Turn off all the overhead lights. - You heard me right - you're going to use window light instead - ✌️Set the baby up close to the window - either on a bed, cushioned floor, newborn basin if your in the hospital

⁠ 🖖Take photos of all their tiny details like their feet, hands, and tummy and faces ⁠ 👌Pull back a little and get their entire body. - Try different angles, from above, by the feet, head, all you can - Use portrait mode when you can too. ⁠ 🖐️Pass the phone to your partner or nurse and make sure you get in some of the photos too!! And don't worry, When the baby gets a bit older and it's safe to come into the house we can get at home newborn photos so you don't miss a thing. ⁠ Feel free sen this to your your pregnant or new momma friends so they can enjoy these tips too. xo

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