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What to Read During Quarantine | Motivational Books | Long Island Photographer

I remember when my kids were super young I always felt trapped being in the house. I needed in the worst way to get out, walk outside, head to the store, workout and sometimes just get away from it all. We don't quite have all those options right now but we've got to make the best of what's presented to use in this moment. I'm currently reading "What I know for Sure" by @oprah Winfrey. (It's actually an audio book because somehow in all this, I seem to have less time now to sit and read than ever before) She challenges you to think about the things you know for sure. The things that you know are certain. I've only just begun the book but it's already having an impact.

3 things I know for sure ~ I know I'm surrounded by people I love and who love me and with that I feel safe. ~ I know for sure that summer will come bringing beautiful weather and greater joy. I'm always happier with the sun on my face and a warm breeze running through my hair. The hotter the better in my opinion. ~ I know for sure I will not run out of food (or toilet paper). No need to hold anything or fill up the pantry with insane amounts of goodies. They will be there for me when I need them. okay 4 things... ~ I know for sure that I love to learn and as long as I am able. Living is learning and growing

Some of these seem silly but for me right now I'm reassured in the feeling they bring. These days it's so easy to feel panicked - there have been many moments I feel my chest tightening for no apparent reason but when I remind myself of #whatiknowforsure I'm immediately calmed down. I hope you can do the same for yourself. Feel free to share below 👇

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