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Long Island Newborn | Why choose home newborn photography instead of traditional posed?

I choose to photography with a more "lifestyle" look. I want things to look and feel organic. I believe babies are beautiful just they way God made them and without all the distracting props and poses.

Being at home for your newborn session is relaxed, intimate and authentic.

There is something extra special about being in the comfort of your own home. Guards are let down much easier and everyone can relax a but more in front of the camera

In-Home newborn session means you don't have to leave or pack anything

When your new baby is home one of the last things you may want to do is leave the house. Stay home, wear comfy clothes. You won't have to deal with the stress of leaving the house with a newborn.

In home newborn and family sessions capture your life.

No only do these pictures

In home sessions are great for capturing more than just your family. They also document your home! A place where memories are made. When you look back at images taken in your home you'll be remember the emotion and love you feel there. It's where your family live and grow. It's an important piece of the story.

You can comfortably feed and take care of the baby.

Lots of time is given for newborn sessions. Enough time to take your time. Change the baby when needed, feed them, sing to them, put them to sleep. There is no rush. I take picture through it all to capture all those precious stories and details.

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