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Long Island Family and Newborn Photographer | What to Wear For Your Family Photo Session

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Sometimes the most difficult part to your photo shoot is the prep and worry leading up to it. Figuring out what the family is going to wear generally falls on to "mom" so I'd like to give you a few suggestion to help you feel a little less stressed about it.

Here are a few tip that will hopefully help you plan for your next session

->> Matching is out - Coordinating is in! <<-- The days of all white shirts and jeans on the beach are gone. Pick on main color then add one or two pops of color to mix in.

For example: Navy blue with pops of pink

-->> Start with one outfit you really like then build up from there. Usually mom gets to pick hers first.

-->> Layers <<-- Layering outfits looks beautiful and adds texture and dimension to the images. Add a vest, cardigan, scarf, long necklace, suspenders for little boys or a jean jacket. Also allows for a quick and easy new look!

-->> Dresses <<-- I love dresses for moms and little girls! They add a sense of movement and femininity to the pictures. That's always a good thing

This mom nailed it and brought in pattern, a dress as well as texture and movement

--> Mix Pattern and Solids <-- It adds more visual interest to each image

--> Avoid stripes <-- Horizontal strips are not always flattering for adults but kiddies can sometimes make it work

--> Avoid sneakers <-- This usually goes for boys and men. There are few less flattering things than like having a great outfit that's finished off with a pair of Acics.

--> Dress for the season <-- Dress in warmer tones for a fall session, lighter for summer.

Here they picked 3 colors. A base of blue with accents of mustard and burgundy for fall

--> Dads <-- Dad's should be easy to dress. A casual button down with rolled up sleeves

paired with either khakis or jeans

--> Stay away from Neon colors <-- Those colors reflect off the skin and causing your skin to take on that hue

--> Don't over accessorize <-- We want these photos to look timeless. You don't want to look back and wonder "what was I thinking?" when you see your daughter with a giant headband or over accessorized in jewelry. Less is more so it's not a distraction.

--> Most Important -- Be Yourself <-- All these comments are simply suggestions and not rules! You should be you and feel like yourself in your clothes. Most important thing is that you are comfortable. If you are ripped jean and t-shirt kind of people then go for it. If you just love your sneakers then by all means wear them. The focus is not on your clothing, it's on you and your family. It's the emotion and connection you share together that will last a lifetime. Not your clothing.

I've made a Pinterest pages to help you visualize some family photo session clothing options.

Here are some great places to shop and find basics for the family

> (you'd be surprised at some of the fashionable finds there)

> (Dresses for mom)

> (Dresses for mom)


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