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Long Island Newborn and Family Photographer | What to Wear to Your Newborn Photo Session

Figuring out what to wear to your newborn photography session can get stressful. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you decide exactly what will look best in your new family photos. 









--> Baby <-- Dressing the baby is simple. The main focus is the baby, so less is more regarding outfits. A simple onesie, diaper or swaddle. It's great to use the blanket grandma made or a special swaddle. I always ask my client to bring in something personal if they have it. Regular clothing on the newborn, although adorable, usually doesn't fit the baby well enough at this point and doesn't always come across well in newborn photos. Simply put, we want these images to be timeless and classic. 


--> Mom <-- You're probably still feeling like you just had a baby. Don't worry about trying to look perfect. Wear something comfortable and loose fitting like a loose dress or shirt. Wear what you feel good in.


--> Wear casual clothes <-- In home newborn photography is very relaxed and casual. Feel free to wear jeans, a dress that is easy to sit in and throw those socks off. 


->>  Matching is out - Coordinating is in! <<-- The days of all white shirts and jeans on the beach are gone. Pick one to two colors that you would like to standout in your family photographs. 


--> Neutrals look best <-- Newborn photography sessions are about the newborn so neutrals help keep the focus on them. A simple dress, jeans and light colored shirt.


-->> Start with one outfit you really like then build up from there. Usually mom gets to pick her outfit for the photo session first.


-->> Dresses <<-- I love dresses for moms and little girls! They add a sense of movement and femininity to the pictures. That's always a good thing.























--> Dads <-- Dad's should be easy to dress for newborn and family photography. A casual button down with rolled up sleeves or a college shirt paired with either khakis or jeans.


--> Stay away from neon colors <-- Those colors reflect off the skin causing your skin to take on that hue.


--> Don't over accessorize <-- We want these family photos to look timeless. Less is more so it's not a distraction. 


--> Don't forget your nails <-- Newborn shoots i'l taking a lot of closeups and often the baby is in your arms. 


--> Most Important -- Be Yourself <-- All these comments are simply suggestions and not rules! You should be you and feel like yourself in your clothes. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If you are ripped jeans and t-shirt kind of people then go for it. If you just love your sneakers then by all means wear them. The focus is not on your clothing, it's on you and your family.  It's the emotion and connection you share together that will last a lifetime. 


I've made a Pinterest page to help you visualize some family photo session clothing options.

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