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Senior Portraits - Clothing Inspiration Guide 

  • VARIETY is everything! Make sure that your outfits aren’t all dresses, jeans, or shorts. Try to incorporate a variety.  Change it up.  Think different styles as well like urban, organic, casual, and sophisticated. 

  •  COLORS matter! Do you know what colors look best on your skin tone?!? This can make or break the glow & color your skin gives off in your portraits.  Super bright colors like green, red, yellow, orange and blue will give off hues on the skin that won't photograph well.  I love when seniors wear color but may sure it's not too much around the face.  Break it up a bit with a jacket or vest.   

  • Stay TRUE TO YOU!  While it may be fun to wear bold patterns and colors be sure that what your comfortable in.  If you normally wouldn’t wear that bold a color, it’s best not to.  Stay true to what you would normally wear to best represent yourself.  

  •  Stay classic with a TWIST OF TREND!  You never want to look back on your senior pics in 5 years and say, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” Think style with classic sophistication for your session day.

  • Pick outfits from clothing you know and love. Senior photos should be a true representation of your personality. There is no need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

  • Avoid overly branded clothing or graphic tees.  We want these photos to represent you not the brand 

  • Take care of your hands. Hands show up in a lot of poses,

  • If your session is in a park, it most likely has a grassy and sandy area and also uneven walkways. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. 

  • Be mindful of your shoes. Make sure to have the appropriate footwear per outfit and that shoes are clean and presentable.

  • Dress for the season. Try to stick to colors that work with the season. If it is winter time stick to warm clothes so you will be comfortable in for your session and the same goes if it is summer time.

  • Be Yourself: For me, one of the biggest pieces of advice I give seniors is for them to feel comfortable and to dress like themselves and then let me do the rest

  • Props: I definitely encourage seniors to bring any props that help illustrate their hobbies, personality, or even future plans.

  • Tan Lines:  Watch for tan lines that will be accented or show in your senior pictures.

  • If you don’t love it don’t wear it! It will show if you love your outfit and feel great in it.  It will also show if you don’t love your outfit. Be you and feel beautiful! 

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