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Best time to take Senior Portraits | Long Island Senior Portrait Photographer | JBella Photography

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


February 4th 2019


Honestly the best time is the summer before your #senior year starts. There is a little more free time to book a session and the weather is just right. Most seniors like to dress in lighter clothes, dresses, skirts etc. so warmer weather works quite well.

It doesn't have to be summer time though. Fall and late spring can be such beautiful times of year especially if they are your favorite seasons. Sometimes the weather is a little more tolerable and if you like to layer up these times of year work great.

Don't knock winter time either. I LOVE pictures in the snow. It creates such a beautiful contrast. You may have to bundle up but if you're brave enough for it a long flowing brightly colored dress against the snow could look AMAZING!


There is something special about capturing the final days of a high school senior before the days of adulthood come around. I know I certainly wish I had images, albums or just something special like this to remember a very carefree time in my life. I was a dancer at this stage and have very few images of myself dancing. It’s kind of sad now that I want to look back.

Senior portraits are a way to capture this moment. They go way beyond your “high school senior photo”. Different looks, different locations, a way to express you as you are at this point in your life.

If you thinking about it give me a buzz and ask any questions you may have. Info about senior portraits on my web site. Check it out

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