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How to Get the Most From Your Photography Session.

JBella Photography is a professional photography company located in Hauppauge, NY.  

In order to get the most out of your booking, you are going to want to arrive prepared.  Let's talk about what you can expect from your next professional session.

At Jbella Photography, guests enjoy a calm and comfortable experience. As an organic and intimate photographer, Jbella Photography is more interested in capturing your natural essence, thus focusing on who you and the connection you share with your loved ones.  Expect to come into your session with a relaxed mindset.  L eave all of your stress at the door and be prepared to laugh, giggle and be present.

 Almost all of our sessions are performed with natural lighting, so be prepared to shoot outdoors.

What to Wear to Your Session

You can have fun planning your outfits but keep in mind you don’t have to match each other from head to toe. It's good to have a color scheme to act as your guide. You can also look on my Pinterest page for for further inspiration,

Come with a Full Belly

Be sure to eat a little something before our session together.  That way everyone is content and hopefully in great spirits.  Toddlers especially benefit form having snacks and drinks on hand.  Nothing sticky or staining though.  

Be Present

Kids are the first to feel it if a parent isn't engaged.  If you re doing a photoshoot with your kids  be ready to get down on their level and have some fun!  The best photos are when everyone is present in the moment.  Smiling, laughing and playing together.   

Make Some Memories

The most important thing is to come ready to have fun and spend some quality time with your loved ones.  We’re making memories with our time together and the happiest memories are the ones filled with love and laughter.

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