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Front Porch Project 

I'm so happy you're interested in being a part of my #frontporchproject!

After hearing and seeing about all the people struggling right now due to COVID19 I wanted do something good and help out the best I can . 

I saw many photographers all over the county started doing what they called the "Front Porch Project".  

I took it a step further and made it a way I could collect and donate money for people in need as well as be able to give something wonderful for the families I photograph.  

So here's how it goes...

I'll spend about 5 min per family, you step outside pose for a few adorable pictures while I maintain a safe distance away.  I get no closer than 10 ft.  . 

No need to worry about what you're wearing or even how you look.  It's meant to be casual and laid back.  Make it fun even. 

I give you a time frame  and date that I'm coming (roughly between 5:00 and 7:00) and will text you when I'm on my way to your house so you can step outside. 

These are very fast moving sessions so the kids (and hubby) won't get bored.

I'm asking for $30 but if you would like to donate more please feel free :)  Many people do.

I donate approx 60-70% of what I make to charities that are going to the immediate relief of COVID19 sufferers.

So far I've been donating to families in need through True North Church in Bohemia, St Thomas More's outreach program as well as Long Island Cares who has been running low on food due to the sudden increased demand. 

The remaining percentage helps to support my small business.  


We do not exchange money the day of.  Everything can be paid after your photos are taken though Venmo or Apple Pay. 

I will come to your area if 5 or more families are interested so tell your neighbors, girl scout troop, PTA etc to get a group together.  

Once I edit your images I'll send you the digitals via email.

What to do next?

Get your group of friends and neighbors together.  Contact me right though this website.  I'll need everyone's email, address, and cell # once we finalize our plan.  

Best wishes and stay healthy! 





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